Walking on the REBELLIOUS SIDE

Walking on the REBELLIOUS SIDE

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham


Have you ever met someone who  just radiated  cool, enchanting edginess?  I have and I am so excited to introduce you to Angie Weihs, my favorite Ageless Rebel .   Angie is one of the ultimate cool girls.  I had been a fan of Angie”s and followed her on social media for awhile and was thrilled to actually meet her at the FierceCon 2018 conference I attended in LA last year.  The minute I met her I knew she was someone who I wanted to spend more time with and get to know better.

Angie is an ageless fashion icon who lives by the motto  “outfit journeys are stories of how to feel empowered through style and beauty” she strives to  access what she calls “the “inner giggle”, the space where our uninhibited, curious, open child energy lives.”  Angie makes fashion her armor, she makes fashion fun and her energy force.

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Black Blazer, Bold Details & A Confident Attitude

Black Blazer, Bold Details & A Confident Attitude

the-patrish-pages-138the-patrish-pages-141the-patrish-pages-145the-patrish-pages-158There is something about a black blazer and  black pants that are so easy to put on in the morning.  Black goes with everything and can go from day to night with very little effort.  As a matter of fact I consider it my uniform.  On days that I know I will be busy with client meetings and then going out to dinner, I almost always automatically throw on a pair of black pants with a simple blouse and black blazer.

Lately I began to realize that I was depending on the basics but was lacking any pizzaz with my regular look.  I was in need of a uniform update!  Continue reading “Black Blazer, Bold Details & A Confident Attitude”

Kimonos, The Perfect Addition to All Wardrobes

What is colorful, lightweight, fits everyone and is totally on trend right now?  Kimono’s!


IMG_8231IMG_8226I am always a little hesitant to join into what is considered trendy but this is one trend that is perfect no matter what your age, style or size.  Kimono’s come in so many different colors, fabrics and patterns that you can find one that suites you perfectly.  The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune, they are available  at any price point. Continue reading “Kimonos, The Perfect Addition to All Wardrobes”

What to Wear When Your Not Sure What to Wear………Casual Style


In Arizona, Summer seems to last forever.  When the rest of the country is enjoying the beginning of fall and cooler tempetures, Phoenix is still dealing with  another month of 100 degree days!

I am not a fan of summer clothes, I love sweaters, boots and dark colors.  This creates a lot of wardrobe dilemma’s for me, I live in Arizona and wearing shorts, tee shirts and sundresses are the norm for  hot weather survival  for most people.   I tend to only want to spend money on winter clothes but still need to dress for hot weather.

I have found that my go to uniform for going out during the hot months are a nice pair of dress jeans, a dressy white sleeveless top, statement jewelry and pretty high heels.

This is my go to uniform and the best part is this combo will take you from a dressy dinner to a backyard party.  When the weather finally begins to cool down this look is perfect with a blazer or a colorful sweater.

This weekend, we will be going to an outdoor cocktail party and the we are looking at a low of 82 degrees! At least the drinks will keep me cool!

Top:  Anthropology.  Similar Here

Jeans: J Brand, High Waist Skinny Jeans

Necklace:  J Crew, Similar Here

Shoes: Louboutin Pointy Pumps



Shopping and Dining in Aspen

IMG_5819 (1)

Aspen is full of designer boutiques, restaurants, beautiful  people and spectacular mountain views.  This place is the Beverly Hills of the Southwest.  Summer time in Aspen is absolutely fantastic.  The daily temperatures are 70 to 85 degrees and there is so much to do from hiking, fishing, kayaking, shopping, eating out and amazing music festivals. 

Aspen offers premier shopping

You do not have to be movie star or a millionaire to enjoy Aspen, I enjoyed wandering around town in my H & M blouse that I got on sale for under $10,  and this cute  Ainifeel  crossbody, leather purse .  The resorts usually have great summer time deals, always check out Little Nell and The St. Regis You can live like a movie star on a frugalista’s budget!

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