Patricia-Rubel-Portraits-6If you enjoy finding fun and stylish outfits, exploring new places and are open to challenging yourself to experiencing new adventures, you are in the right place!

My name is Patricia Rubel and this page is about sharing the things that bring me joy. I am a business owner, wife to my husband of 32 years, mom to three adult children, and grandma to one absolutely adorable grandson. I am passionate about living my life with love, humor, and gratitude.

Like most women who have made it to the half century mark, a lot of life lessons have been learned along the way. We have spent time on careers, on our families and faced a lot of challenges. Our life experiences now present us with a unique opportunity to inspire and help each other as we figure out the next 50 years of our lives. We all have stories to tell and wisdom to share.

If you are looking for a blog about expensive, couture outfits modeled by size 0, fashion models in their 20s, this page won’t be for you. I’m a regular woman who is definitely not a size 0. I love shopping for good deals and great quality. I’m happy finding a great look at Target and mixing it with an investment piece from a designer boutique. To me fashion is all about value and self expression of what works for you. I love wearing clothes that are comfortable, functional, pretty and compliment my figure. I’m an expert at finding great bargains!

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have spent a lifetime in the sun. Because I love the outdoors so much, I’ve made it my mission to find products and new technologies to repair the damage my poor skin has endured from a lifetime of unprotected skin exposure. Keeping my body in shape has not always been at the top of my to do list, but I’m determined to do a better job. Part of this blog will feature me exploring workout and healthcare options that are fun and beneficial at the same time. When you read my posts, I hope you feel empowered to live your life adventurously, whatever your adventures may be. Women over 50 are strong, wise, beautiful and fascinating!

So grab a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine and let’s go!