Boho Desert Chic

Facetune_04-04-2019-08-01-55Some adventures come not from traveling or climbing mountains but from trying new styles and very different looks.  I’m the woman who is usually in conservative office suits,  simple dresses or jeans.  Today I’m trying out a free spirited, bohemian look, that fits right in with my desert views.

patrish-pages-feb-85patrish-pages-feb-86It’s funny how we get so used to wearing a certain style that is our go to comfort look, I am no exception.  I go for the LBD or jeans with a pretty top.  It took actually going to an event that was way out of my comfort zone to get me into something this floaty and different.  When I was invited to the Forever Fierce Conference in LA last fall, I was thrilled to go to be able to meet and network with women who were very experienced on social media.  Most of the were big time fashion bloggers who had very large followings.  Needless to say, I was very new at this game and honestly had no idea what to wear or what to expect.

patrish-pages-feb-88Facetune_04-04-2019-07-58-29I did what any normal, perfectly well adjusted grown woman would do, I panicked and called my good friend, who just happens to own Whimsy Tucson, one of the most  stylish boutiques in Arizona, and begged her for advice.  When Diane told me I should wear something that would set me apart and be noticed the first day, I was a little hesitant to say the least.  My instinct was to blend in, not stand out.  When she showed me this outfit, I thought she was crazy.  Well it turns out she was, crazy like a fox!

I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on this outfit.  It was the perfect conversation starter in a room full of women fashion and lifestyle bloggers.  It proudly represented a little desert chic and helped me feel more  confident and unique.

Lesson learned…..never be afraid to stand out, try something new and own the looks that make you happy and feel good.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a good friend who will convince you to get out of your  comfort zone and has a fantastic sense of style!


Outfit Design   Whimsy Tucson

Pants and Long Vest Whimsy Clothing

Stylist Diane Jobbin Ritter

Photographer  Eric Castanos Photographye

14 thoughts on “Boho Desert Chic

  1. Oh Patricia! I just love this! So beautiful! And you do stand out… if you were in fly fishing gear you would stand out! Because you really have a joie de vivre and you positively glow! I’m so grateful I met you!


  2. How gorgeous. Elegant. I’m in love with this one. And you are so slim…show it off more. XOXO


  3. Goodness! This is just BEYOND lovely! I’ve always adored all white outfits and the small touch of color and boho chic that the tassels add just make it such a distinctive and original look.


  4. It is so nice to hear someone else voice their insecurities. I have thought of attending the fierce conference but have felt unsure about what to wear. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard but you did a great job. Love this look.


  5. You look fabulous darling! Great advice. But I have the feeling that you’d look beautiful in a sack. But it probably wouldn’t be the right thing for Forever Fierce. But close. Gorgeous. You do Arizona proud.


    1. You are so kind! A little southwestern sass is always a fun thing to wear, as for sack, as long as it comes with a pair of High heels and a little bling, I think Forever Fierce Sisters would love it!


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