“Life was made for good friends and great adventure” – Proverb

I love this quote because it combines two of my favorite things.  I can’t think of a better person who exemplifies what it means to help us enjoy making new friends and experiencing incredible adventures. Molly Mathis, founder of MoJo Active Adventures.

Cheers to Good Friends and Great Adventures!


I met Molly a few months ago at the Influencers of Midlife Conference in Atlanta.  I was immediately drawn to her energy, sense of humor and expertise in planning adventurous travel.   There is something about getting out of our comfort zones and  physically being able to explore magnificent places that renews our inner adventurous spirit.

I have jokingly called myself “The Reluctant Hiking Diva,”  I love to see pretty sights but I am not fond of camping or roughing it.  I want to experience nature up close but I still want my creature comforts at the end of the day.  You know, simple things like a soft bed, hot showers, good food and wine!  MoJo Adventures delivers both, I like to think of these trips as the perfect balance between athleticism and luxury. One of my goals   is to hike through Iceland next year,  now I know who I will be doing this with!  If you are like me and are interested in experiencing adventurous travel, read on about why MoJo Adventures may be the perfect fit for you.

CatMax Photography MoJo Active Adventures PR2017-53
To really get to know the “flavor” of a place you must sample it’s local cuisine (Puerto Rico)


1. Tell me about how and why you started MOJO Active Adventures?
MOJO Active Adventures is a business I created to fulfill my own passions while also filling a void I saw in the travel market.
A bit of background on me—
After college I worked as an account executive for several advertising agencies in the Southeast before taking taking time off to raise our two boys. As rewarding as it was, like a lot of new moms, I found it hard to carve out much-needed time for myself. The reality is, we as women, tend to put everyone else’s needs before ours and often find ourselves pouring from an empty cup.
I’ve always believed in the transformational power of travel and seeing new places. (This was instilled in me early on as we moved around a lot for my dad’s job when I was growing up). Exposure to different experiences, people and locales made a lasting and positive impact on me.
I grew up playing sports and have always considered myself to be an active person. For me, when travel, fitness and friends converge, I’m at my best and happiest place.
About 7 years ago, when my boys were younger (they’re now 19 and 16) I had this idea to grab a few friends (who I knew were possibly also in need of a “refresh”) and take a fun trip. While the idea of the traditional “girls trip” can be great, I found myself more interested in getting away for an adventure…one where you visit someplace new, stay active, mix things up by trying fun physical challenges but also throw in elements of balance and luxury. Not rough it…
What I was looking for didn’t seem to exist, so I decided to create it myself and the concept of MOJO Active Adventures was born.
As hard as the concept of breaking away can seem, I saw a real need for women to do just that, support one another and invest in themselves in the process. And why not maximize this by choosing things that enhance and add to your life?

Photo Aug 19, 7 51 14 PM
Look at this view!

2. What can people expect when joining one of your adventures?
You can expect an incredibly unique blend of adventure, wellness, luxury and laughs on our custom small-group adventure experiences. From the moment you sign up, we pride ourselves in taking a very personalized approach to travel. We keep our group sizes small. All arrangements and itineraries are carefully crafted to exceed your expectations. We wrap a ton into our trips. The overall goal is to simply show up knowing all details are taken care of. (In fact, many of our guests tell us one of their favorite parts of a MOJO Active Adventure is having someone else make all the decisions for a change. Only having to choose between “red” or “white” wine with dinner is a real treat!
All of our itineraries are designed for active adult women, who have a basic level of fitness and a desire to try new things.
No prior experience is needed with any of the activities we offer (in fact, most of our guests tend to be “newbies”). We take the intimidation factor out of the equation by offering a safe, supportive and fun environment.
At the same time, we’re not “roughing it”. Our hotel, for example, in Costa Rica is an award-winning member of the prestigious Relaix and Chateaux network. We also treat ourselves to well-earned rewards…spa services, wine tastings and unforgettable locally-sourced meals are part of the overall program.
In addition to our scheduled women’s trips, MOJO Active Adventures has expanded into custom trip planning. If you have a group of friends or family members you’d like to create an unforgettable trip experience for, it’s easy for us to apply this same signature blend of luxury and adventure to your program.
We’ve recently put together custom programs for:
* Couples
* Families
* Groups celebrating milestones (birthday, anniversaries, etc…)

Enter a captiWe don’t rough it on our adventures.  A view from our award-winning boutique accommodations in Puerto Rico.on
Refresh, Renew, Breath, Yoga…….

3. What is it that makes a trip with you unique?
Our adventures offer a unique and authentic means to “refresh” your life, enliven your spirit and form powerful and lasting new connections.
Wherever we go, we immerse ourselves in the local landscapes and hand-pick the most interesting and unique cultural and active experiences in the area. Whether it’s experiencing the culinary delights of a region or heading off-the-beaten path for an activity, we leverage locale knowledge to uncover what truly makes a destination special.
We work with only the best, most highly-qualified local experts for all activities we offer.
Facilitating new friendships and memories — shared experiences bond you with fellow travelers.
Surprising our guests — I would say the “hallmark” of a MOJO Active Adventure is our ability to combine things in really creative and unexpected ways. A few examples:
* After an epic hike in the valley of a volcano in Iceland we took our guests into a remote cave for a surprise dinner complete with candles, gourmet locally-sourced food and traditional Icelandic music played by local musicians.

Toasting to new friends and great adventures in a remote cave in Iceland.  (A surprise dinner after an epic hike earlier that day). 

Toasting to new friends and great adventures in a remote cave in Iceland.  (A surprise dinner after an epic hike earlier that day). 

* After learning about the wine-making process in Willamette Valley Oregon, guests were invited to participate in a private, by-invitation-only grape stomp competition (complete with costumes)
4. What type of growth or discovery about themselves have you witnessed from some of the women who have experienced an adventure trip?
Without the distraction of daily life, our adventures allow guests to be proud of and present to their accomplishments. Many of our guests experience some pretty incredible breakthroughs on our trips. (A lot of times you hear about MOJO in terms of something lost — i.e. “I’ve lost my MOJO” but I’ve witnessed first-hand it’s often something more to be found.)

Photo Feb 07, 11 13 52 AM
This woman found her MoJo!

One of the best pieces of feedback to receive at the end of a trip from a guest is “I didn’t know how much I needed this”.
As women, we should give ourselves the grace to do something for ourselves, ultimately returning new energy to the things that matter most in our lives. (Allow yourself to hit that reset button more often — you’ll be so glad you did!)
While this is our overall measure of success, some additional benefits of our adventures include:
1) Learning to embrace the new — broadening a friendship base and building a new stronger network
2) Getting out of your comfort zone — breaking your own mold can make you more confident in both your personal and professional life
3) Prioritizing deeper experiences — not surprisingly, research has shown new experiences to be a key to overall happiness

Toasting to new friends and great adventures in a remote cave in Iceland.  (A surprise dinner after an epic hike earlier that day). 

Showing off our new-found “MOJO” in Iceland 

Showing off our new-found “MOJO” in Iceland 

5. Where are your favorite places to go?
Oh boy — picking a favorite is tough!
When selecting new locales, I look for places that combine the beauty of nature with plenty of opportunities for active outdoor adventure that will leave people feeling both challenged and rewarded. Whether it’s epic hikes, water-based activities, alpine or

coastal scenery, unique accommodations, etc.. I seek out places and experiences that deliver both a “wow” factor and allow you to be fully immersed and present.
With that said, Iceland ranks up there on my list for most “awe-inspiring” places to visit in the world. (And I consider my local partners there a part of my family — so I genuinely feel as though I’m coming home everytime I go)
You can find lots more details on where we’ve been and where we’re heading next on our website at .

Curious about trying an adventure?  If you want to see what a good introductory trip would be, how about a trip to Colorado Springs this July 10-14?  It’s designed to be an introductory MOJO experience — all activities are tailored to accommodate a wide-range of abilities.   And it delivers a perfect  blend of luxury/adventure (spa services, luxury resort, epic hiking… without being too much of a commitment time wise and price wise.)  Check out the detailed itinerary here. Colorado Springs  

Mention PATRISHPAGES if you sign up and receive $200 off your registration!!

DSC_2489 (1)
Nothing strengthens bonds and builds new connections quite like shared experiences (rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado Springs)


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    1. You are so welcome! The best part of a trip like this is it can be completely tailored to your interest level and comfort level with trying new athletic hikes e.t.c., it’s all about YOU and what you will enjoy!


  1. This sounds like the type of holiday I would love. And Iceland wow…what a great trip. Thanks for introducing us to Patricia.


    1. It’s been my dream holiday for a long time. I can’t think of a better way to have fun with new friends and explore beautiful locations then a trip like this. Stay tuned for my adventures next summer!


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