Walking on the REBELLIOUS SIDE

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham


Have you ever met someone who  just radiated  cool, enchanting edginess?  I have and I am so excited to introduce you to Angie Weihs, my favorite Ageless Rebel .   Angie is one of the ultimate cool girls.  I had been a fan of Angie”s and followed her on social media for awhile and was thrilled to actually meet her at the FierceCon 2018 conference I attended in LA last year.  The minute I met her I knew she was someone who I wanted to spend more time with and get to know better.

Angie is an ageless fashion icon who lives by the motto  “outfit journeys are stories of how to feel empowered through style and beauty” she strives to  access what she calls “the “inner giggle”, the space where our uninhibited, curious, open child energy lives.”  Angie makes fashion her armor, she makes fashion fun and her energy force.

patrish-pages-feb-122patrish-pages-feb-119My style is usually more on the conservative side,  my idea of being rebellious is wearing red or a statement piece of jewelry.  Angie on the other hand, is force of nature, her fashion statements don’t whisper, they yell “Enjoy Life!”  She is a barbie doll who rocks a pink dress or leather jacket better then a rock star, she creates artistic masterpieces with vintage clothing and she radiates joy in every outfit she styles.

Facetune_20-02-2019-12-44-27When Angie reached out to me and asked if she could send me something special she picked out for me, I was flattered but a little unsure of how in the world would I be able to pull off wearing yet alone post about  something unconventional.  She wanted to send me something that would blend a “little sexiness with my healthy hiking style.” Her exact words 🙂   The moment  my jacket arrived, I almost screamed with joy.  It was so pretty, so interesting and somehow, so me!  That is what good stylists do, they help you express  yourself in unexpected ways. Angie thank you for helping me find my “inner rebel”  I will be allowing this side of me to come out more often!

One of the reason’s I have loved getting to know Angie better is because she is  committed to the idea of Women Supporting Women.  It has been an honor working on this collaboration with her and I will always treasure our friendship!patrish-pages-feb-121

This Jacket goes with everything!
Meeting Angie at FierceCon 2018

Make sure to follow Angie in Instagram @theagelessrebellion and her website angieweihs.com





5 thoughts on “Walking on the REBELLIOUS SIDE

  1. Oh wow! What a great post! I love both of you ladies and I agree Angie is such a rockstar! You look amazing in that jacket! Fantastic post!


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