The Power of a RED Dress

facetune_24-01-2019-15-46-39 (1)What could be more appropriate for Valentines Day and Heart Health Awareness Month then a powerful RED dress?  I say powerful because it makes a bold statement.  We need to be bold when it comes to advocating for our heart health.  With every beat our hearts take, those beats allow us to be with those we love.

facetune_25-01-2019-12-14-05 (3)facetune_24-01-2019-15-49-39img_0857IMG_0841facetune_24-01-2019-15-50-49February is known as a month for lovers but I like to think of it as a  month to love our health and those we love.  What better way to show our love then to make sure we are healthy?  A healthy heart is capable of not only taking care of our own bodies but to make sure our bodies are able to care for our families.

Heart Health is personal for me.  My father had his first heart surgery at 57, the age I am now.  He is alive today because of continued advancements in cardiac care and a team of dedicated professionals who have led him through an additional 5 surgeries.  Our family does not take this for granted.  Every beat our hearts take is a gift.  A gift of life and love.

I found this gorgeous dress from A.L.C. at Nordstrom and the minute i tried it on I just knew it was what I was looking for.  I liked how it had a high neck, covered my arms in all the right areas,  was long enough to cover my knees and had a just ever so fun side slit to show a hint of leg.

Go show yourselves some love this month, be bold and be your own best advocate for your heart health and the people you love!

Dress: A.L.C. Capian Slit Midi

Shoes: Christian Louboutin So Kate Pointy Toe Pump

Earrings: Kendra Scott

12 thoughts on “The Power of a RED Dress

  1. Oh my stars! I love everything about this post! From the “heart felt” message about caring for our own health so we can be there to bless the ones we love… to how you are rocking that red dress! You look positively gorgeous in it! And as a fellow lover of the color red, this just made my day!


  2. Stunning in this gorgeous red dress, I love red dresses, and this is no exception. Stopping by from The Midlife Blogging Community. Jacqui Mummabstylish


  3. Thank you for helping to raise awareness. This is a subject that I am sure is close to many people’s hearts. You also look stunning in red ❤️


  4. I love the way you incorporated the message of love with the message of heart health. My mom died of a massive heart attack at the age of 53. I have spent my entire life trying not to have the same fate. Red is my favorite color and I have a favorite red dress too. The one you’re wearing is gorgeous and looks fab on you! I just want to add my message of the importance of CPR training. Think of how many lives could be saved!


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