Risk Blossoming, It’s Time for A WISDOM QUEST!


Villa in Douro Valley Wine Region.

If you have followed my blog then you know I am all about saying yes to adventure. I can’t think of a better adventure then taking the ultimate trip that would allow me to focus on personal growth, travel and spend quality time with  a group of like-minded women  Deborah Bateman has perfected the ultimate getaways to do just that, and I couldn’t be more excited than to have Deborah answer some questions for my readers about the latest Wisdom Quest Trip.


I first met Deborah a few years ago through a mutual friend.  My friend had just returned from a remarkable Wisdom Quest trip through Italy  and was so thrilled with the group of women she met and the extraordinary itinerary that she signed up to do the next Wisdom Quest trip to Russia. 

I was really excited to lean more about what these trips actually entailed and was so impressed with Deborah that I asked to be put on the list for the next trip. Deborah is absolutely lovely.  She is vivacious, smart and has a zest for life that you can’t help but be drawn to.   I knew I wanted to work on some goal setting for both my professional life and personal life and I wanted the opportunity to really connect with other women who were willing to share their expertise all while touring through exotic locations.

“When was the last time you were able to step away from your life and be able to focus on just yourself?

 What is  A Wisdom Quest?

A Wisdom Quest is an elegantly designed journey that will help you free your vision and empower you to cross the next threshold.

A Wisdom Quest gathers on the group’s “collective wisdom” to create an opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate and receive support. It is an opportunity to explore the pieces of yourself that may have been set aside or left behind as you have experienced success in other areas.

So,  each year, in a beautiful locale and in community with your peers, you are able to examine and evolve both your professional and personal life. These journeys give you access to resources to address challenges and discover the passion that can propel you into the next chapter of your life.

Whether you call it a Wisdom Quest or a  travel mastermind, the outcome is the same: removing yourself from your daily tasks to focus exclusively on you and your personal growth.

What is the importance of Personal Growth and Development?

Personal development is a lifelong process. It is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential.

Personal growth can take place in many locales. You can pursue the best version of you in the comfort of your own home, and even your own community, but there are limitations. When you are at home, you have the responsibilities of life calling you in different directions. It’s difficult to focus on yourself when family and work responsibilities are vying for your time. I believe that being away from your comfort zone creates is the perfect opportunity to escape and re-center.

Where and When is the Next Wisdom Quest?  

This year, in September, we are headed to Portugal to facilitate “Owning Your Story,” a personal growth and development opportunity. 

First we will discover the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal including a visit to a local winery for a wine tasting!  Then on to dinner.  The Portuguese concede dining an experience to be fully present and completely enjoy the different courses with a complimentary wine.  Dinners are for connecting and enjoying.

Then on to the historic Douro Valley Wine Region.  The oldest historical wine region in the world, demarcated in 1756, and today is an international UNESCO site.  The Wisdom Quest ladies will occupy their own Quinta (Villa), with each having their own en suite room (double occupancy is also available), complete with their own daily Yoga Instructor and Quinta Chef.   Daily Mastermind gatherings, to advance the “Own Your Story” curriculum are positioned in the day to also be able to enjoy other daily excursions, including, but not limited to, the Fox Coa Museum, wine tastings, and a Pipadouro yacht trip to Orgal.

Your Curriculum this year is “Owning Your Story”, what does this mean?

We all live in the world of stories. Sometimes, these stories are not real, and they may be what is defining, what we feel is real. If you are not in the driver’s seat of your story, you are not realizing your power.

Image focusing exclusively on you, delving into the stories you have been telling yourself—and discovering what’s true.  You might decide to use your story as part of your personal brand – using “mirror neurons” (yes they are real!) To attract the relationships and business that you want, on your. terms, because you. Will be driving your story!! 

When you leverage the courage of vulnerability – to own and share your story, it can serve as the vehicle to connect deeply with yourself and others, cultivate community, and ultimately bring all of us closer.

It’s about how to better meet life’s challenges and obstacles. And, that is what you get to do on a Wisdom Quest!!

“Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do”. – Brené Brown

What else can you tell us about what to expect on this trip?

Support, friendship and exploration!  Everything is open to you on a travel mastermind. During five days in Portugal, you’ll be surrounded by expert professional support. This support will encourage you to focus on what’s important. You’ll make new friends and deepen relationships. And you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Portugal with new eyes.

Beginning in Porto, you will gain the tools explore your gifts, your truths, and put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your story. Then, on the shores of the Douro River in the hills of Rolapipas you will continue to relax and rejuvenate with daily yoga and meditation. Our personal care routines include group and individual coaching (if desired).  Truly an opportunity to Explore. Discover. Grow.

This trip sounds amazing!!  How can we contact you for more information?

You are invited!!  Your next chapter is waiting to be written, and this year’s travel mastermind could be the key that can open the door you may not have even known was ready to be unlocked.

To learn more, you can check out more about this Personal Growth and Travel Adventure at:  www.riskblossoming.com/wisdom-quests/  or

reach out to deborah@RiskBlossoming.com and request a meeting!!

Also follow Deborah on IG  @deborah.bateman

Trip Leaders, Deborah Bateman of “Risk Blossoming” and J’Lein Liese Ph.D. of “Lead with Conversations”


5 thoughts on “Risk Blossoming, It’s Time for A WISDOM QUEST!

  1. Patricia, a wisdom quest to Portugal sounds so incredible! I’d sign up in a heartbeat if my dear husband and I weren’t already in the midst of planning our first trip there this Fall! But will look forward to the next destination, for sure. Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity!


  2. Sounds like an amazing group and amazing trips! Wow.

    I can personally attest to the benefits of owning your own story. This last year and a half has been such a wonderful learning experience for me – which I will be sharing in my book!

    Thank you for sharing this Patricia!


  3. Hey friend,

    You have a lovely blog and I look forward to reading about your travel adventures.
    I love the idea that you are going on a wisdom quest with women on a personal journey of growth and travel combined. Very exciting!



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