Black Blazer, Bold Details & A Confident Attitude

the-patrish-pages-138the-patrish-pages-141the-patrish-pages-145the-patrish-pages-158There is something about a black blazer and  black pants that are so easy to put on in the morning.  Black goes with everything and can go from day to night with very little effort.  As a matter of fact I consider it my uniform.  On days that I know I will be busy with client meetings and then going out to dinner, I almost always automatically throw on a pair of black pants with a simple blouse and black blazer.

Lately I began to realize that I was depending on the basics but was lacking any pizzaz with my regular look.  I was in need of a uniform update! 

the-patrish-pages-155The solution, a black blazer with interesting metallic details by Lysse, a shimmer silver tank from  Three Dots Official and bold jewelry from Uno de 50 .  I’m loving  this blazer,  the cut is flattering, the metal details add interest and the pockets are placed so that they really draw the eye towards your waist for a slimming look.

the-patrish-pages-149the-patrish-pages-148the-patrish-pages-159I usually wear very simple jewelry and shy away from anything too heavy or bold.  When I saw this necklace that can be adjusted to wear as a single long chain or adjusted to have a center strand I knew I had to try it,  add in the matching earrings and I was sold.  It adds an edgy yet still contemporary flair.  This set can be worn with basically anything and I can’t wait to pair it up with some dresses and colorful tops.

If you know me you know that usually I am in hiking boots whenever I am out of the office.  When I have important meetings or a big night out on the town planned, I love high heeled shoes.  You might call them my super power.  I like the hight and the feeling of power they give me.  I know high heels are not for everyone, but for me a really good pair is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, extra special and extra sweet!  My black Christian Louboutin’s are my go to pair and yes, they were an investment but they are 7 years old and I’d say I got my money’s worth!

The finishing touch was adding a clutch purse with a metallic sheen to keep the contemporary edge going.  I choose this one by Hammitt.  I am loving the quality of the leather and the details that this line offers.  I am tempted to get one in every color!

This look is perfect for a day of meetings, lunch with the girls or a fun night out on the town.  It’s amazing how stepping out of your usual comfort zone of dressing can give you a little extra confidence.  Be powerful, be bold but most of all have fun.  Go ahead, break out of your standard uniform and add a little contemporary edge to your step!


photos by Eric Castanos Photography

Outfit design by Diva Divine Boutique

16 thoughts on “Black Blazer, Bold Details & A Confident Attitude

  1. I love this look Patricia! We have similar styles, though I don’t work anymore. I am a perpetual traveler. These are great neutrals that I also include in my wardrobe for traveling. How do you transition these looks into spring? I have the black pumps, but I have to carry ones that will hold up to a lot of walking. Thanks for a great post!


    1. Thank you so much! That’s a great question about transitioning this jumpsuit into spring. The material is light enough to be comfortable as the weather gets warmer. I change out the shoes for a black and white pump or wedge, preferably polkadots. Add in some fun white jewelry with a sheer white scarf to tie around your shoulders and you have a pretty spring outfit!


  2. This looks fab Patricia! You look great, love the detail in the blazer, very stylish, and you really pulled it all together with that necklace. I have not seen anything like that necklace here, where did you get it?


    1. Thank you Lisa! It was a find at a local boutique here in Scottsdale. They carry a line called Uno de 50, they have a general website and sell their jewelry in a lot of boutiques and stores around the world. XOXO


    1. Why thank you so much! Dressing up my usual look has been an adventure. There have been some hits and misses along the way but it has been a blast. These shoes are my power move, I have big plans for where I will walk in them, next stop, Influencers of Midlife Summit! I can’t wait to meet you xoxo Pat


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